Awesome instructions and world-class breakdown. I used to have problems putting 2 racks together consistently. Now I still do drills and skills every day and putting 3 to 5 racks together is happening way more often. 

Scott S. - One Day Student

Pool Training

The Zero-X Training is similar to the pool training used at top pool training academies in China and across Europe. This is highly intensive training that breaks down a player's pool game then quickly rebuilds it using stroke drills, ball pocketing drills and pattern drills. Every training session is customized to each player's needs.

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Tor first examines the student's fundamentals for any flaws that may be holding them back. He then puts the player through a series of stroke drills to refine and strengthen their fundamentals.


Tor and his student then go through a series of drills to help the player locate exact center on the cue ball. Being off, even a little bit, when striking center could cause a miss.

ball pocketing

Next, the player goes through several hundred (or thousand) ball pocketing drills. Repetition is used to strengthen the player's ball pocketing ability.


The player then goes through a series of half-table patterns using only center ball. These drills will sharpen the player's cue ball speed and position play.


Next, the player goes through a series of full-table patterns using only center ball.  Along the way, Tor assists in logging any problem shots the player comes across.


The player then goes through a series of full-table patterns using sidespin. The goal is to be much more precise when using left and right spin.



Tor will review numerous diamond systems with the player to help simplify how they kick. They'll also go through several banking drills to sharpen their banking skills.

Having a powerful defensive game is essential to becoming a strong player. Tor puts the player through several stun safeties as well as rolling safeties.







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